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MVSA Winter Training and MORE

Training Opportunities and Recommendations

Winter/Spring Opportunities:

  1. Complete Game weekend sessions held by Mounds View Coaches and Board Members.

    1. This is a free (sponsored, therefore no cost to families) training opportunity that is held on Saturday / Sunday mornings beginning in December and goes through March.

      1. December 3rd & December 4th are the first sessions

      2. 9am - 10am 12U/14U
      3. 10am - 11am 10/U
      4. There will not be any sessions the weekend of Christmas (12/24 & 12/25) & New Year’s (12/31 & 1/1).

    2. Each week may be a little different, but there are opportunities to work on hitting, throwing, catching, pitching, & defense.

    3. This is a time for different skill levels to work on different aspects of their game.

    4. Currently it is set up for 10U, 12U, & 14U players.  We will update dates and times for the 8U players later.

    5. Complete Game address – 474 Apollo Drive Suite 30 Lino Lakes MN 55014 US

    6. Complete Game website -

    7. Any questions reach out to Craig Benson – Training Coordinator on the MV Board


  1. Open Gym sessions held by Mounds View Coaches and Board Members.

    1. This is a free (sponsored, therefore no cost to families) training opportunity that is held on Monday & Wednesday evenings running January through April. 
    2. Held Monday (5:30 – 7:30) and Wednesday (6:30 – 8:30) evenings at the following Gyms:
    3. Pitching focused – will open it up to defense and hitting after initial sessions
    4. Most days are for pitching only, pitcher is responsible to supply a catcher
    5. Currently for 10U, 12U, & 14U players of all skill levels.
    6. Mondays:  Chippewa Middle School New Gym (back gym) - 5000 Hodgson Rd Connection, St Paul, MN 55126

      Wednesdays:  Sunnyside Elementary School - 2070 County H, New Brighton, MN 55112


    7. Dates:  

      1. January 4th – April (depending on weather)

      2. Certain days there may not be sessions.  We will update this site with any days/times updates.

    8. When and Where:

      1. Monday:  5:30pm – 7:30pm, Chippewa Middle School New Gym, 5000 Hodgson Rd Connection, North Oaks

      2. Wednesday: 6:30pm – 8:30 pm, Sunnyside Elementary School, 2070 Count H, New Brighton

    9. Any questions reach out to Craig Benson – Training Coordinator on the MV Board


  1. Individual Training – There are multiple softball organizations/gyms in the nearby area that offer specialized small group or individual softball training opportunities.  These are paid for by the individual family (not paid for by the Mounds View Softball Association).  These can include hitting clinics, pitching clinics, fielding work, etc.  We encourage all players to work with others on your summer & fall teams to find training opportunities to do together if possible.

    1. Complete Game

      1. “We train baseball and softball players at all levels and caliber. Call us to discuss how we can help you become significantly better than you are today... “

      2. See details below from Complete Game and more specifically the pitching & hitting tabs on the complete game website.

    2. Optimize Training

      1. “Softball specific training including all levels of camps/clinics and youth development programs. Position specific individualized lessons including hitting, fielding and pitching.”

    3. Hit Club, Arden Hills - Youth Girls Fastpitch Winter Warm-up Clinic
      Hit Club will be partnering with Mounds View High School Varsity Fastpitch Softball and coaches Tom Spencer and Jordan Pearson. Clinic will be led by Senior captains Emily Aman and Anika Metz.
      In this camp your youth player will advance their skills in hitting, fielding and pitching. Prepare your player for Winter tryouts and the upcoming Spring 23' season.

      6 sessions once a week (February 1st – March 8th)
      Wednesday: 5:30-7pm 8U and 10U (12 spots available)
      Wednesday: 7 - 8:30pm 12U and 14U (12 spots available)
      *Early bird pricing $195 ends January 23th. $215 after January 23rd

    4. To Register: 
      Please contact Dan with questions 612.353.7944 or

    5. Others – There are other training opportunities in the area. 


Training:  Here are few of the things to always be doing to improve your game. 

  1. Play Catch

    1. Play catch, play catch, play catch!  We can’t say it enough, but the more you play catch and work on throwing and catching the better.

  2. Swing a bat

    1. Swing a bat either by itself, hit a ball off a tee, or do soft toss into a net.  Each one of these you can practice your swing & repetition is key.

  3. Be active – play another sport

    1. Being active and getting more agile and stronger vastly improves your softball play.  Sports that have lateral movement and explosive activity are the best.  

  4. Do drills

    1. Doing drills on specific softball skills helps a lot.  This can be a fielding drill, a hitting drill, a pitching drill, a catching drill, you name it, the more you practice the better.

  5. Watch Softball / Baseball

    1. The more softball / baseball you watch the more you can learn the game.  Knowing what to do in all different situations is a huge way to improve your softball play.


Reach out to Craig Benson – Training Coordinator on the MVSA Board if you have any specific questions.