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10 & Under Girls' Fastpitch Softball In-House League

10U 2016 In-House Summer Ball

Program Summary

The program is open to girls ages 7 to 10 living or attending school in School District 621 attendance areas. The season runs Late May through mid-July. A great deal of time and effort is invested to make this program fun for players, with the hope they will develop a love for the game. The program is designed to gradually introduce players to the North American Fastpitch Association (NAFA) rules of play. Coaches are parent volunteers who are selected for their dedication and study of the rules. It is their responsibility to teach each player how to pitch and catch, as well as hitting, base running, fielding and game etiquette. To keep the game moving, a batting T is brought to the plate after 3 balls are called (no walks are awarded). Ideally, four teams of 12 players are formed each season. Games are played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Teams play at Pinewood Elementary School in Mounds View. A season end tournament is played at Rice Creek Fields in Shoreview.

6 Reasons YOU should play MVSA In-House Softball!

  • Who plays Fastpitch Softball? Girls just like you who will become your friends.
  • What is Fastpitch Softball? A team sport that tests your ability to hit, run, throw, pitch, catch and THINK!
  • Where will you play Fastpitch Softball? A Shoreview ballpark & RICE CREEK FIELDS!
  • When do we play? Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the summer.
  • How do you play fastpitch Softball? WE’LL SHOW YOU HOW!
  • Why play Fastpitch Softball? It will CHALLENGE you and build your confidence! It's the sport played in high school (no slow pitch there). Plus… It’s AWESOME FUN!

In-House Rules:

  1. Each player may request to play with one friend/neighbor. We will do everything we can to place two players that wish to play together on the same team.
  2. Your coaches are making a big time commitment as volunteers to help you learn how to play softball. Please arrive early to practice and game warm-ups. Call well ahead of time if you cannot make it. Listen and pay attention. Have fun!
  3. Game rules follow the ASA rulebook with minor modifications for in-house. Go to coach’s manual (document page) and scroll to: In-house rules.
  4. Parents: Attend parent/player coaches meeting. You will receive a parent manual and player information, emergency form to complete and return, and game schedule.
  5. A parent should be present at each practice and game in case of an emergency. Coaches are not allowed to drive players home unless prior arrangements have been made with the coach.
  6. Team pictures: A team picture night will be scheduled in June. Look for information to come home with your player.
  7. Umpiring games: We request older MVSA players to umpire games. In the event that an umpire is not available you will be notified ahead of time. An assistant coach should stand in for these cases. No older siblings may umpire a game including the coach’s children.
  8. Practices: Siblings are not allowed on the field for practices, warm-ups or games. If there is a parent consensus to play a parent/ player game and include siblings that is the only opportunity for anyone other than registered players and approved coaches and parent helpers on the fields.
  9. Time Keeper: Assign a parent timekeeper for each game. This parent is responsible for making sure no new innings start after 7:30 p.m. This is safety issue for the players and cannot be circumvented by a coach. The team that is at bat finishes the batting order if they are last ups. If you are in the middle of an inning, then the other team takes their last at-bat to end a game.
  10. Clean up the areas in and around the benches and fields of debris. This is an important habit to instill in players as they take part in sports.
  11. Practices may be called on the count of adverse weather including rain, extreme heat, and poor field conditions.
  12. Games may not be called until 1 hour before the start time that day. If the weather is iffy the coaches should meet at the field and determine if they think the field will be dry and playable. It is up to the coaches to notify all parents of a time change or schedule change. If you move back the game because of weather, you may play beyond the 7:30 p.m. rule.