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2021 Spring/Summer Teams and Coaches

Level Team Name Coach Phone Assistant Coach Phone
18U Mustangs Jim Morphew 612-408-5466
16U Green Maggie Shley
14U Green Annika Dykstra 612-306-6015
14U Maroon Brandon Koller 612-501-1461
12U Green Jake Mauer
12U Maroon Janelle Labey
12U White Erin Lunzer 651-890-7930
10U Green Jamie Sinkula 612-298-6886
10U Black Tom Besonen 612-419-0739
10U White Dan Pritchard 612-963-6783
8U Steelers Nick Hansen
8U Sliders Dana Linn
8U Strikers Kristan Clow

Coaching Resources/Videos

This page features training videos and resources for all levels of play. MVSA held a coaching clinic in April 2021 led by Abby Rehberger (Optimize Therapy/Centennial coach/former Gopher shortstop), Tom Spencer (Mounds View HS Head Coach), and Maggie Schley (Irondale assistant coach and former MVSA pitcher). The clinic focused on drills that reinforce player fundamentals to improve performance and reduce injury. The videos below cover infield/outfield, pitching and hitting drills that coaches can use to reinforce proper mechanics. If you have suggestions for other useful content, please forward to any MVSA board member to upload. 

Coaches Manual

Updated in the Spring of 2021, this manual has answers to most of the basic questions a coach will have as they prepare for the season and throughout. 

"C" grip technique

Quick wrist drill for throwing

Throw step with snap

Putting it all together - Figure 8

Proper fielding position


Stack and throw mechanics

Soft hands vs. picking fielding drill

Footwork fielding drill

Dailies: knees short hop drill

Dailies: group fielding drill

Box drill (backhand/forehand)

Angle drill

Angle drill (cont.)

Drop step fundamentals drill

Getting behind the fly ball mechanics

Phases of good swing mechanics

Swing mechanics part 2: tee drills

Hitting mechanics: Staying on plane

Doing the soft toss drill correctly

Swing mechanics part 3: staying on plane through the zone

Bunting 101 - proper mechanics

Bunting 101 (cont.)

Pitching fundamentals

Pitching fundamentals (cont.)