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Volunteer Opportunities

2023 Volunteer Requirements & Opportunities

MVSA is an organization that is built on volunteerism. 

MVSA is able to keep the players cost affordable because of it. 

All families are asked to volunteer throughout the season working in concessions or field maintenance during tournaments

During the season, teams assigned to field 1 at Rice Creek will have responsibility for managing the concessions stand.  MVSA board members and Head Coaches are exempt. 

MVSA understands that families have busy schedules but that you will do your part at helping MVSA to continue to be successful. 

ALL Volunteers MUST:

-Sign In/Out for credit in the RED Book

(Signing up online does not confirm your hours worked - it only holds your commitment to work)

-Be healthy

-Wear a hat

-Be 12 years or older

Contact Amy Morphew with questions or for more information at 763-291-9174

2023 Volunteer Deposits

DEPOSITS! A $250/family with players in 10U-18U volunteer commitment check will be collected at tryouts or pre-season team meeting. 

Your player will not be eligible to participate until the volunteer check has been received. 

The requirement is that families will volunteer a minimum of SIX (6) hours per player during the year. Checks will only be deposited if minimum volunteer hours are not achieved.  

Notifications will be sent out to families that have not met their minimum volunteer hours by July 26 providing an opportunity to fulfill their obligation at the four-day Monsta Tournament August 4-7.  Any dispute related to volunteer hours must be resolved by August 3.